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Hoop 4 Change

Excuse Me Officer, or as the Internet has nicknamed them #XMO, is a digital accountability platform that monitors police interactions in Chicago. This weekend they followed their ‘Chill 4 Change’ event with a basketball game dubbed ‘ Hoop 4 change.’ Hosted at De la Salle High School, and across the street from the Chicago Police Department Headquarters,  many members of the community and Police Department participated in a nail biting basketball game.

            Mike Shaw, the co-founder of #XMO, felt at home as he is both a former Illinois State and De La Salle basketball star. “Basketball is an activity that builds character and more importantly trust and friendship. Some of my longest lasting friends were made on the court and the #XMO team just wanted to give the community and Police Officers that same chance.”

The #XMO team hopes that community members joining Police Officers in casual encounters can begin to mend the broken relationship between the two. Experiencing each other in different lights can build understanding and respect for the other.

Teams were mixed with Officers, rappers, businessmen & students. The crowd was surprised by the amount of high -flying dunks and amazing assists featured in the game. Afterwards we were able to catch up with a crowd member, Raven Lee who stated, “I saw the Officers come in, but once they changed out of their duty uniforms and into their jerseys, we couldn’t tell the difference. It was actually refreshing for us all to remember that Officers are still regular people, also apart of the community too.”

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