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What if it were you...

Brisk air hitting your face, thoughts of moving from the Midwest revisits as you squint and fight thru another winter wonderland of a day. Seemingly even the marrow in your bones require defrosting as you trek snow boot after snow boot into the freshly gathered hell on Earth. Mind completely distracted from anything besides seeking warmth. Thru your earmuffs and soft serenading from Adele, you hear sirens. Glancing over your shoulder only half caring, you see the lights jolting thru your blurred vision. Closer, close and now stopped. Your heart drops, as the emergency vehicle has now stopped, mere feet around from you! You quickly react by looking for danger nearby, when the officer -here to protect and serve you- have given you the realization of a lifetime. You. You are the perceived danger. You have gone from civilian to criminal, from innocent to guilty. Get on the ground. You barely hear them, but any fast movements to even your ears to remove the visible white cords may/can/will be the very reason this abrupt situation goes from good to bad to ugly. However, no need to fret, your hearing will be restored once you are directed to the frozen ground and the officer helps you realize that a swift kick in the stomach and forced crunch is the new way to get things done hands free. With a groan as your greeting, no wonder both offices standing above you respond with such foul language. Luckily, these fine uniformed men want to make sure your wrists (if nothing else) stay warm as they efficiently rummage thru your workbag and your pockets. Unfortunately, there will not be a warm chauffeured ride downtown because just your luck, your ID says that you aren’t the individual your coat screamed that you were. Damn your dirty rotten pig stealing grandfather, you never get the good treatments.

Humorous when told from such an optimistic viewpoint, as many critics would like those who face police brutality to have taken. However, this antidote is far too real of a common occurrence for many not only in Chicago, but America as a whole. The days after such treatment breeds fear/hatred/confusion of the men and women in Blue. The epidemic that we face as a community is neither new nor a rarity. The fear of mistreatment and injustice to the urban population has been rooted from past and current events. Ironically such treatment has turned Chicago, Il into a blood bath of unsolved murders and violence within the community. With over 100 shootings and 17 deaths within only the first 10 days of 2016, Chicagoans are screaming/begging/pleading for guidance and answers. However, the same communities directly effected by this violence and searching for answers; do not trust the traditional routes taken by common critics. They have lost both faith and trust in the Justice Department.

Excuse Me Officer is the answer everyone has been waiting for.

Channing Harris