Excuse Me Officer
Transparency for the people.

Excuse Me Officer

Transparency for the people.


Advocating for our communities and the police since 2015

Our vision is to increase the desire among citizens to report police officer heroism and misconduct, ultimately reducing police corruption. Excuse Me Officer aims to create a thriving relationship between the community and the law enforcement officers there to serve and protect.


Community Policing 2.0


Inform your community anonymously about your last police encounter. Take a 90 second survey and begin the process of transparency.

Positive, neutral or negative. Community Policing 2.0 


Help us decipher the great officers who make our communities safe from those who plague the police departments with foolishness.  

Transparency begins with honest reviews from you!

Proper Representation

Finding proper representation is crucial to receiving the justice you deserve. Use our network to connect with XMO's verified law firms there ready to help you.

Begin with leaving an officer review today.