About Excuse Me Officer

What is Excuse Me Officer?

Excuse Me Officer (XMO) is a publicly accessible database designed for the public to review & monitor everyday police interactions.

How Does XMO Work?

XMO’s crowdsourced ratings and reviews data keeps Americans updated on the latest police encounters happening near them.

What is the goal of XMO?

Providing an elevated and equal voice to the people; and bridging the gap of broken communication between the justice department, police force and community.

What is the vision of XMO?

The XMO force began working on this project with the vision to mend the relationship between great police officers and the good people of our communities.

XMO is here when hugging the officer who just saved your life doesn’t show your full gratitude. XMO also is here for the victims whose voices have been muted in search for justice; and everyone in-between.


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Excuse Me Officer was relaunched on Friday, June 19, 2020 to commemorate Juneteenth