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About XMO

Justice. Transparency. Peace.

About XMO

Excuse Me Officer (XMO) is a publicly accessible database designed for users to review, rate and connect with professionals regarding Officer interactions. Excuse Me Officer aims to provide a voice and bridge the gap of broken communication between the justice department, Police force and community. XMO's real time data platform keeps users updated on the latest Police encounters happening in their area of interest.

The XMO force began working on this project with the vision to mend the relationship between great Police Officers and the good people of our communities.


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The Freedom of Information Act allows all of us in the community to review all public complaints as well as the outcome of all investigations. Although we understand these are only allegations, being able to monitor discipline rates is our legal right and help us maintain safety in our neighborhoods.

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XMO is here when hugging the officer who just saved your life doesn’t show your full gratitude. XMO is here for the victims whose voices have been muted in search for justice; and everyone in-between.
— Channing J. Founder of XMO